When you find the right ideal client...

  • You light up when you talk about them

  • You're fizzing with ideas for products and services that will help them

  • You love talking to them.. in person and in your marketing

  • You feel confident you're investing your time, money and energy where they will get results

  • You instinctively know what sales messages will work

  • You're excited about what your business can do - for your clients and for you!

Expert market research made simple

When you know - and love - your ideal customer, you can get on with creating a business *they'll* love

  • One week and you're done (with lifetime access)!

    Seven mini-modules with daily tasks... walking you through how to identify the best ideal client for you - and what they want and need from your business.

  • Know and love them

    Your ideal clients are the most important people in your business. Become passionately interested in them (and how you can help them) and it will shine through everything you do

  • Pro tips and methods

    Market research is easy when you know how. Learn skills you can use forever, to get to the right answers for your customers... faster and without faff

  • Turn what you learn into action

    Plan how to create a business your ideal clients will love - from your products and services to your marketing messages.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro and welcome video

    • Intro and welcome slides

  • 2

    Day 1: Get Ready

    • Day 1 Video

    • Day 1 teaching slides

    • RESOURCE: Nail your niche and choose your ideal client workbook 1

  • 3

    Day 2: Your toolbox

    • Day 2 Video

    • Day 2 teaching slides

  • 4

    Day 3: Who are you targeting?

    • Day 3 Video

    • Day 3 teaching slides

  • 5

    Day 4: Wants, needs and feels

    • Day 4 Video

    • Day 4 teaching slides

    • RESOURCE: Conversation planning workbook

  • 6

    Day 5: What, How, and When?

    • Day 5 Video

    • Day 5 teaching slides

  • 7

    Day 6: Surveys Made Simple

    • Day 6 Video

    • Day 6 teaching slides

    • RESOURCE: Step by step guide to building your survey

  • 8

    Day 7: Using what you've learnt to build your business

    • Day 7 Video

    • Day 7 teaching slides

    • RESOURCE: Ideal client and action plan workbook

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Your trainer

Isabel Lydall

Isabel has 15 years' experience growing brands and getting results for businesses - by understanding who their customers are and what they want. An MA-qualified senior FMCG marketer, insight professional and market researcher, she helps small businesses go from winging it with their target audience to winning, by nailing their market research.

One week to find - and understand - an ideal client you love...

So you can build a business they'll love